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Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Crossroads counselor!

Crossroads is a youth ministry of Covenant Christian Reformed Church, and seeks to bring the love of Christ to each camper daily through small groups, worship, games, crafts and more!

Please note: Crossroads exists to be a summer-long, local mission trip. We take our jobs as the hands and feet of Christ EXTREMELY seriously, and are interested in hiring counselors that demonstrate mature faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their savior.

By completing this application, you are acknowledging that you are prepared to meet the demands of a Christ-centered, high energy camp and demonstrate the love of Christ, living as an example for campers both on and off the clock.
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This is your chance to wow us. Don't be shy.
What is your strongest character quality?

What is your weakest character quality?

Do you use alcohol, illicit drugs or tobacco in any form, {{answer_Sz02k4PFxZQS}}?

Time for references!

Please list a reference of an adult that is not related to you who knows you well.
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Tell us about any work or volunteer experience

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Tell us about what you did for {{answer_zCTaLkzO6vA3}}.

Where else have you worked or volunteered?

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Please list any other service experience you've participated in!

Do you have any vacation(s) planned during Crossroads?

Counselors are allowed 1 week vacation from camp. [That's 1/8th of camp!]
Thank you! Take a break and do 20 jumping jacks!

We'll know if you don't.
This next section will consider your faith.

Are you ready?
Your testimony *

in 3-8 sentences, tell us about how God saved you. What is different about your life since becoming in Christ?
What must I believe in order to be saved? *

Crossroads is a Christian ministry with the goal of making disciples. What are the essentials of the Christian faith?
Who do you believe Jesus Christ is? *

What are some ways you have learned to grow in your relationship with Christ? *

What gifts and talents do you have to enable you to work with children? *

What experience do you have, if any, working with children between age 8-14? *

Which age group are you more gifted in/prefer working with?
Describe any leadership roles you've had in the past? *

Crossroads focuses on 3 main areas: Games/Sports, Crafts and Theater. Which area do you like most, and what experience do you have which could benefit Crossroads? *

What skills or experience do you have in {{answer_A8LBrNssrpBw}} that would add value to Crossroads 2018? *

Do you have anything new you'd like to see Crossroads doing? How can we support you in implementing this?

Examples: Cooking class, stand up comedy, roller hockey, etc.
Almost done, review your answers

Take some time to look over this application. Make sure you filled everything out to the best of your ability. Check spelling and grammar. Be sure that you can be proud to put your name on this.
Christians are called to have a strong work ethic.
Will you be on time and ready to work every day?

We've all been places where someone obviously hates their job, right? Crossroads is not that place. Have your coffee before you arrive! Leave any attitude and negativity at home, friendo!
This is a ministry of Covenant Christian Reformed Church. Staff at Crossroads is expected to represent Covenant with respect and grace.
Do you agree to represent Covenant in this way?

Congratulations, You've finished our application!
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